ABC# A007005 - 750ml

An approachable sip’n whiskey with subtle vanilla complexity, Yella Whiskey is made from 100% proprietary corn whiskey aged in fresh emptied Kentucky bourbon barrels. Start a new Southern tradition with this barrel aged smooth finishing “Yella” Whiskey!

Yella Whiskey is IS for you, if you’re seeking an easily approachable sip’n whiskey with clean smooth vanilla finish – AKA taste good all the way down!

Yella Whiskey is NOT for you, if you’re seeking a strong overly muscular tasting whiskey with extended harsh finish – AKA burns all the way down!


ABC# A009985 - 750ml

It’s all about aging great corn spirits and great barrels! Our craft barrels are Kentucky sourced coopered with air dried American white oak elements and finished with a proper flame char. Then and only then can distilled corn spirits be aged to become Founder’s Cut “Straight Bourbon”. Decades of barrel aging experience comes through.


ABC# A009617 - 750ml

Unaged corn whiskey! “Where there’s smoke, there’s bound to be whiskey” harkens back to a popular frontier expression.  This grain forward sip’n whiskey is handcrafted from corn and pure spring water in the state’s “Moonshiningist” prohibition era county.  Recall this earlier time with our small batch corn whiskey.  Take careful notice, and find your smoke!