Craft Wine & Spirits

Barrel Aging & Bottling Wine Since 2006.

Then one day – Alabama Revenuers said – “Hey, you can distill those other adult beverages too!”

So we did!

And now you can find our spirits all over the state. Yes it’s true.

You’re in the right place!

When you visit there’ll be nice folks drinking wine, and tasting cheese all over! You can nestle right in and just taste our spirits. And if you like great wine and cheese that’s OK with us! We treat everyone the same either way.

Local beginnings! The Patrick’s operated the Alabaster Cash Store serving Shelby County during the 40’s and 50’s as pictured. Groceries of the day purchased for cash or on-credit, and delivered all over Central Alabama. They didn’t even have the internet, orders were received in person, by phone or US mail, and the strongest thing they offered might have been a soda!