$ 18.99
ABC# A007004 - 750ml

Clean! Crisp! Craft! Include our 80 Proof Yella Hound vodka with your favorite cocktail! Extended carbon filtration, 6X distilling, and the purest of ingredients yield a great tasting craft vodka suitable for the most challenging situation! Your inspired craft creations and vodka-centric classics welcome’s our 100% corn Yella Hound vodka.

Sometimes ‘less is more’ and simple presentations with a splash of premium tonic and added slice of citrus goes a long way for this purest of moods!


ABC# A007595 - 750ml PET

Our REDKAYA ‘rare water spirit’ is an astonishing everyday vodka value! Taste or rather ‘not taste’ what an extreme level of carbon filtration can accomplish when applied to 100% corn spirits and the purest of waters. Simply packaged for the most rugged of environments, and worthy of any weekend gathering, rest assured that REDKAYA is an 80 PROOF handcrafted vodka that preforms well beyond your cocktail expectations.

Neat presentations fully explore the extended carbon filtration of this six times distilled corn spirit, however, vodka-centric cocktails are the ultimate reward!